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Dub-steps to success

By River Reporter Feb 10, 2012

By James Baines

Two KU students are elated after completing sound design work for a new music video by popular Dubstep artist, Modestep.

Third year music technology students Tom Smith, 23, and Liam Sharpe, 20, worked with sound assistants Oskar Cizik, 22, and Pete Clifton, 22, to sculpt diagetic sound used for Modestep’s fourth music video.

Tom heard of the opportunity through a friend. “The animator of the video is a close friend and often plugs my outfit when in need of sound and music,” he said. “The name of the video is the track name: Show me a Sign.”

Modestep’s previous videos, Feel Good and Sunlight, have received over 10 million views each. Tom and Liam are hoping this kind of attention might help them attain future projects.

Their success is certainly no fluke, though. Tom recently had to set up a company, Sound Smiths, due to the demand caused from the success he has had in the past.

Some of Tom’s clients include big name brand Harrods, who paid Tom to put sound to an in-store ad campaign for their men’s fashion section as well as an ‘animal’ inspired ad campaign, which was projected onto the store’s windows.

Tom also recently worked with the NHS on a binge-drinking viral, that has already launched online, and is currently working on a new project for them.

“I’m now working with the NHS on a TV advert for the A&E department, which should be due to air on ITV in February.”

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