Review: Spring Breakers

Move over Disney Channel, bubblegum princesses Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens ditch their innocence for guns, drugs and balaclavas in Harmony Korine‘s racy Spring Breakers. Caroline Bursell In a film about four university girls on [more…]


Review: Rita Ora – Shine Ya Light

Rita Ora is to release her fourth single Shine Ya Light at the beginning of next month, but is it destined for chart-topping success? Hannah Crompton Jay-Z’s protégé Rita Ora has had huge success since [more…]


Review: Leona Lewis – Glassheart

With a new sound and a change of beat, Leona is back stronger than ever.  Ingvild Olaussen If you ever doubted you would hear the name Leona Lewis and dubstep in the same sentence, you [more…]

DJ interview: Jakwob

If you like the wobbly tones of dubstep without having your ears chewed off by face-melting basslines, chances are you will like Jakwob

By Lucy Sambrook

Education News Round Up

Kick back, relax, and dip your toes of wonderment into our pool of steaming, bubbling education knowledge.   James Baines  

Dub-steps to success

Two KU students are elated after completing sound design work for a new music video by popular dubstep artist Modestep.

By James Baines

Review: Setting an Example

With a number one album and three number one singles under his belt, could Example be in the running for a fourth? 

By Surena Chande