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Hardly any students know the name or face of KU’s Vice-Chancellor

By River Reporter Oct 25, 2012

A poll conducted by The River found that 95 per cent of KU student’s did not recognise Julius Weinburg.

Mimmie Wilhelmson and Lily Kemp

The poll conducted by The River found that 95 per cent of Kingston students did not recognise the face of their own Vice-Chancellor, Julius Weinberg, and even more shockingly, nobody knew his name.

Precious Manalo, 18, a first-year medical biochemistry student, said: “I think it should be important to know who your Vice-Chancellor is but I don’t think a lot of people care.”

When asked who the man in the picture was, the most common guess was a politician.

Alex Sackey, 35, a pharmacy student in his fourth year, was one of the few who knew it was the Vice-Chancellor from the picture but he did not remember his name.

“We need to speak to him because there’s a lot going on at the campus. He needs to come to the pharmacy department,” said Alex.

The River surveyed 110 students this week at the Penrhyn Road campus, showing them a photo of the Vice-Chancellor and asking if they recognised him.

Only six people knew he was the Vice-Chancellor and nobody knew his name.

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