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KU celebrates Obama’s victory

By River Reporter Nov 11, 2012

Matija Mesic and Federica Baggio

American students at Kingston University celebrated the start of a new presidential term after Barack Obama was re-elected as US leader.

The results of the election came in the early hours of Wednesday morning, following what has been acknowledged as the most expensive re-election campaign to date.

“I cried when I heard that Obama was re-elected,” said American student Alexia McCartney, 19, from New York.

“I am especially happy because it’s easier for the country to recover under democratic leadership rather than switch to a Republican way of doing things.”

Awaited result

Students at KU remained awake throughout the night to wait for the election verdict.

President Obama’s victory followed a striving battle against his republican counterpart Mitt Romney, who lost by 126 electoral votes with 46% of the country voting in his favour.

“If a Republican president was voted into power things would have changed too rapidly against what Obama was trying to do and it would have created chaos,” Ms McCartney added.

Happy with the verdict

The most shared opinion among Americans at KU was that Barak Obama was the best candidate as President of the United States, and also as a potential catalyst for change around the world.

Some students threw “election parties” to share their contentment over the re-election of a much loved US President.

One of them was third-year international relations student Darcy Griffin, from Virginia, who said: “I was really excited when the news came that Obama had won.”

“I raced upstairs to tell my friends. I was quite relived because it was a bit of a tight race.”

Confidence for the years to come

When asked if their choice depended on a special love for Obama or over a fear of Romney, both students answered that Obama was the ‘most logical choice’.

Ms Griffin said: “I’m happy that Romney lost, it shows that Americans are not ready for that type of extremism.

“I do think that Obama can still deliver some change, especially domestic.

“I think Romney had made a lot of mistakes in his campaign, very public mistakes that allowed Obama to win. “ 

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