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Man accused of May’s Oceana stabbing appears in court

By River Reporter Nov 7, 2012

A man charged with stabbing Karlos Frederick in May at Oceana has admitted unintentional harm.

Mimmie Wilhelmson & Lesley-Anne Morley

One of the two men charged with the stabbing at Oceana on May 20 this year has admitted to the unintentional harming of Karlos Frederick, a court heard.

Hoopong Wong, 25, of Byron Way, Middlesex, gave evidence at Kingston Crown Court on November 7, stating that the fight escalated, and that the stabbing was an accident – denying the charge of wounding with intent.

Mr Wong told the court that he got into an argument with Mr Frederick on the balcony at the nightclub and they then “rolled down the stairs” as the fight became more violent.

The men landed at the bottom of the stairs with Mr Frederick on top of Mr Wong and the fighting continued.

Mr Wong said that he saw a knife on the floor, which he picked up as he feared it could be used against him.

“I don’t want to stab you”

Mr Wong repeated to the court what he had said on the night: “I said ‘get off me. I don’t want to stab you.’”

He added: “I panicked because at the time I was worried that it [the knife] would be taken off me and be used against me.”

Mr Frederick was stabbed five times in his thighs and armpit. Who the knife belonged to has not been confirmed.

Mr Wong went through a metal detector and was searched when entering the nightclub, but no knife was found on him at that point.

The court was told that the fighting started on the balcony at the top of the stairs when Mr Wong was comforting his friend Darren Le Roy Henry, who had been in an argument with his girlfriend.

Mr Wong told the court how Mr Frederick, who was walking past with a girl, told Mr Henry: “What’s up bro? Niggers don’t cry, fix up”. Mr Wong also told the court that he was called a “chink” by Mr Frederick.

DNA found

The DNA of Mr Federick was found on both Mr Wong and Mr Henry, 24, from Barmouth Avenue, Middlesex.

The men were arrested that night and Mr Wong was found carrying the knife used in the incident.

Mr Henry is jointly charged of wounding with intent, but has denied the charge.

The trial continues.

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