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Mould at Clayhill Halls of Residence

By River Reporter Mar 7, 2013

     A KU student living in Clayhill Halls of Residence has claimed that mould in her flat has bought on uncurable asthma.

Jamie Elliott

A KU student claims she fell ill due to mould at her halls of residence, with students calling for  management to act.

Since September, students have been complaining about mould in several flats in Clayhill. The halls’ management promised to fix the problems, but students claim nothing has been done in five months.

Thea Lovstad, a photography student, said she had developed asthma because of the mould. “I went to see a doctor after being ill for almost four months,” she said. “My doctor took some breathing tests and said it clearly was asthma.

“He said it probably had developed as a consequence of the mould in my room, seeing as nobody else has asthma in my family, and I have never before had asthma symptoms.”

Ms Lovstad, 19, now has to take medicine every day and is upset over the lack of help from Clayhill’s management.

Halls’ management slow to react

She claimed that the halls’ management told her they would fix the problem but that they have not done anything about it  yet. Despite her condition she has said that she will not be taking any legal action.

She said: “The asthma is not curable, but with medicines I can almost work as normal. We pay a lot of money and if I had lived in another place I would never have got asthma. Before I got the medicines I was tired all the time, I had a horrible cough and was sick a lot.

“It’s really concerning that the halls’ management aren’t doing more about it when people are clearly getting ill because of the mould, and many students are having this problem.”

Been here before

This is not the first time that students have complained about mouldy flats in Kingston. There have been cases in privately owned accomodation where students have needed medical treatment after prolonged exposure to mould and damp surroundings.

NHS advice outlines that asthma can be triggered by mould and damp.

A KU spokesperson said: “The University has not been made aware of any serious issues with mould in Clayhill Hall of Residence. If a student feels they have a problem they should report it to their hall reception who will investigate and take any necessary action.

“There have been occasions when students have notified hall management of problems with mildew, primarily affecting the sealant around showers and shower curtains.

Additional reporting by Eline Rilda and Elin Martinsen.

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