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Police warn Kingston residents about burglaries

By River Reporter Nov 22, 2012

Felix Spowage

There were five burglaries reported over one weekend in October, which triggered a police warning advising local residents to make sure that all of their doors and gates were securely locked, as many thieves get into their victims’ homes through side gates and backdoors.

“It is obviously early days but we will leave no stone unturned to bring these criminals to justice,” said detective superintendent Tony Skinner, in an interview with Kingston Guardian.

The local warning coincides with the recent operation bumblebee campaign launched by the Metropolitan police, which urged homeowners to make their houses look less attractive to burglars during the winter months when houses are in darkness for longer.

The campaign also urges young people to keep their valuables out of sight.

Burglary prevention advice is now available to download to your phone by scanning the QR codes on the operation bumblebee posters throughout the underground.

The metropolitan police have also been promoting their campaign through radio adverts, which are airing across London, on stations such as Kiss FM.

The tagline of the campaign is: “Help yourself by keeping your home locked up and keeping your valuables hidden from burglars… or they’ll help themselves.”

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