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Students slam KU Wi-Fi

By River Reporter Mar 21, 2013

The University’s poor Wi-Fi connection have students complaining about sub-par resources for studying.

Melissa Hughes

KU students have condemned the poor quality of the University’s Wi-Fi connection.

The problematic Wi-Fi cannot cater for such a large volume of students due to a lack of available internet connections, according to a University spokesman.

Turned off every five minutes

Sarah Dorey, a third-year environmental management student, said: “I have been trying to study in the library a few times a week recently and every time I go in, the Wi-Fi has either not been working or has turned off every five minutes.”

The University Wi-Fi was installed in 2007, but since then it has struggled to cope as more devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have the ability to connect to the internet.

Carries more devices

Following the substantial increase in tuition fees, the criticism surrounding the Wi-Fi connection has become even more of an issue.

Roberto Volo,  head of infrastructure information services at KU, said: “A student now carries at least three devices that depend on Wi-Fi connectivity. A few years ago a student only connected a laptop.

“The number of connections the infrastructure allows is no longer sufficient and reaches capacity.”

Like back in the 90s

The University has listened to students and has plans to increase the number of Wi-Fi connections starting in July this year.

Danielle Dempsey, a third-year sports science student, said: “It’s like having the internet back in the 90s – it’s so slow. For a university, they should be able to supply internet without all the problems.

Urged to disconnect

“They accepted 23,000 students so they should update their system to be able to cope with it.”

Students are urged to disconnect all their devices that automatically connect to Wi-Fi to free up the connection and allow others to login. 

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