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Teen car crashes may mean change in driving test

By River Reporter Oct 11, 2012

The Association of British Insurers wants to reduce the amount of accidents involving teenage drivers.

Sara Magalhaes
Students who take the test to get their driver’s licences in the UK may have to wait a year to be allowed to drive.
New regulations set out by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) propose that new drivers spend one year learning to drive, due to the high number of accidents caused by young drivers.
“I do understand their point,” said Kit Pelham, a psychology student who nearly lost his brother in a car accident earlier this year.
“But I think a year is too long. My brother spent more than a year learning to drive and still, two weeks after having his licence, he was in a crash.”
Among the reforms set out, the ABI wants to see a ban on driving between 11pm and 4am unless they are driving to and from college.
The potential reforms also include a zero blood alcohol driving limit.
Graphic design student Johanna Walderdorff said: “A big part of learning to drive is driving at night, which is the most dangerous time and requires the most practice.”

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