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Themed university parties to be banned for derogatory nature

By River Reporter Apr 10, 2013

Students unions are cracking down on themed nights considered  degrading to women.

Melissa Hughes

Themed nights out for university students such as ‘pimps and hoes’ are currently heavily influenced by ‘lad culture’. 

Encouraging misogyny

Beka Blackmore, a third year media and cultural studies student at KU said: “It’s bad because young students are fairly vulnerable to ideologies that portray what’s ‘cool’.

“By promoting these sorts of nights as fun it encourages the idea of men being superior and women as sex objects who receive little respect.

“It also normalises violence against women as there is probably a lot in the sex industry, and encourages misogynist behaviour.”

Zero tolerance

‘Pimps and hoes’ or ‘rappers and slappers’ have become the norm for themed university nights out across the country. 

The National Union of Students annual conference, to be held next week, will determine how to tackle the problem focusing on university sports teams.

Various student unions plan to implement a ‘zero tolerance’ policy with the aim of reducing sexist behaviour.

Unions will not be tied to imposing the ban, but will be pressured into following suit.

Women don’t have to 

Not all students agree with placing the blame on male students, and instead emphasise responsibility of the individual.

Anna Weids, a third year KU film studies student, said: “I think that girls like to dress up that way so they are the ones that are letting themselves become objects of unwanted male attention.

“It’s derogatory but women don’t have to let it be.”

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