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Undead KU students film ‘zom-com’ in Kingston

By River Reporter Apr 25, 2013

KU students get zombified for a comedy film project that terrified passersby.

Ben Stevens
Kingston students donned full zombie make-up and took to the streets this week to star in a zombie comedy.
After calling for KU students to take part in the ‘zom-com’ project on the university website, Alba Creo Aviles, 21, and her film studies group were overwhelmed with support from fellow undead students.
Alba said: “We could not have asked for better lead actors, Lewis Booton, who also does film studies, and Celine Beirne, a very talented actress. They work so well together just like all of our extras. We’ve had so many good times and laughs already, we can’t wait to keep filming the rest of our project.”
Zombie love
The zom-com is being made by Alba and her other film studies group members, Debra Murrell, Nahed Lamaallam and Danielle Edwards-Powell. It focuses on two teenage zombies in a world without human life who happen to fall in love.
“Our writer Debra is a huge Shaun of the Dead fan,” Alba said. 
“She loves the way zombies are used to create comedy and we wanted to have a go at that ourselves. We thought it would be great fun for everyone involved to dress up as zombies and just have fun with it.”
Dressed to impress
All the actors had to apply full zombie makeup, as well as ripped clothes covered in blood and slime to complete the look. The zombie hoards could be seen terrorising passengers at Hampton Wick and Bushey Park.
Alba said: “It is not just about the grade, it is about getting a taste of the professional world while also enjoying a great time with a bunch of great and talented people.”
“The whole process of our project so far has been very professional and although we have had to deal with several difficulties, we have kept positive and worked very, very hard to make it possible.”

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