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NUS votes against motion condemning ISIS

By Christopher Jutting Nov 1, 2014

The National Union of Students (NUS) has voted against a motion condemning Islamic State due to the wording being ‘too Islamophobic’.

The union voted against the motion at its National Executive Council meeting after Black Students Officer, Malia Bouattia, stipulated that the wording of the motion could “exacerbate the issue at hand”.

She is now intending to table a motion at the next council meeting in December that condemns IS and “will in no way pander to Western imperialistic intervention or the demonisation of Muslim peoples.”

IS, a radical Islamist group operating out of Syria and Iraq, have released videos showing the beheading of aid workers and foreign correspondents. They are also responsible for the deaths of countless others in the Middle East.

There are 600 individual Students’ Unions in the NUS, with Kingston University Students’ Union also being a member.

At the time of publication, a response to the decision was being formulated.

By Christopher Jutting

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