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Five lesser-known activities for you to try this week

By Diego Evrard-Broquet Nov 8, 2021
A sober party or ecstatic danceCrowd of people at an event. Photo: Seth Newman

Finding ways to relax and take care of our mental health is important and we have tracked down some ideas that may be new to you but that could also good ways to meet people.


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Are you tired of being tied to drinking in order to socialise? Do you still want to connect with other humans in a meaningful way? Then circling is for you. 

Circling is a group version of mindfulness meditation, which is focused on emotion awareness rather than focus improvement.

In groups of around eight, it simply consists of sitting together and talking about your current emotions. No ranting about the past nor debating about abstract subjects, but rather a deep dive in the present and how you are feeling in the moment.

You can find out more on this Facebook page.


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If you like yoga but want to take it a step further into more acrobatic figures, then this could be for you. 

Yoga and its different versions are a trusted method to reconnect with your body and feel replenished.

Short courses are avaialable here.

Ecstatic dance

A sobber party or ecstatic dance
 Photo credit: Seth Newman

Ecstatic dance is essentially a sober party. If you are looking for a healthy and conscious way to meet new people then ecstatic dance is the experience for you. It consists of using movement to release repressed emotions. In other words, it is an art therapy based on dance improvisation. 

You need absolutely no dance experience. There is no choreography involved, you create your own. It is a non-judgmental space, so nobody will mock your avant-garde moves.

As for the rules they are pretty simple: No guidance, no alcohol and no phones. If someone is being a little too friendly, you simply have to politely bow with joint hands to refuse a dance with them. 

You can find out more about upcoming events on the organiser’s Eventbrite page

Ariel relaxation pods

The hammocks are made of silk, and are soft and comfy. You use the rocking motion and breathing exercises to help you to let go.

The event also features aromatherapy, using incense to relax.

The information about their next event can be found here. 

Shibari, the Japanese bondage art

A person being tied up with.clothes on.
 People practising Shibari. Photo: Shutterstock

If you have read this far you are possibly quite open minded, or else that subtitle piqued your interest, so what is Shibari?

Shibari may sound like it is weird and sexual, so there are a couple of things to clear up.

First of all, bondage doesn’t has to be sexual and those workshops are with clothes on. Secondly, it is crucial to understand that bondage is the practice of surrendering and letting go – in other words it is a meditation. People who need to be in control most of the time often find Shibari a way of releasing the pressure.

For the tier, or rope rigger in the jargon, it is a practice of actively listening to the desires and consent of the person being tied, or the rope bunny in the jargon.

Anatomie studio in Peckham offers beginners Shibari sessions each week, enjoy.

By Diego Evrard-Broquet

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