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Kingston residents are becoming victims of a new pay and display scam

By Sam Mildenhall Oct 26, 2019

A new pay and display machine scam has been occurring in the borough of Kingston.

Recent reports show scammers are attaching devices to the machines to steal customer’s card information and money from their account.

Residents of the borough have described this scam as “absolutely despicable” and said the scammers were a “shame to society.”

The Royal Borough of Kingston (RBK) has advised residents to “pay using coins, contactless payment or RingGo.”

On RBK’s website, they also stated: “We are working quickly to establish if any further machines are affected and to remove devices. In the meantime, please don’t use machines that look in any way suspicious.”

This isn’t the first time there has been a scam taking place in Kingston, however.

In August 2019, a mass ‘unsubscribe’ email scam had taken over the borough, where residents would be sent an ‘unsubscribe’ confirmation email, and once clicked, the spammers would know your email address saved to send phishing links and other scams.

However, since then the scam was identified, and preventive measures have been put in place.

Victims that have been affected by the pay and display scam are advised to call the RBK parking service team on: 0330 135 8952 (Monday – Saturday 7 am-10 pm, and on Sunday 10:30 am – 10 pm).

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