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Photo Gallery: Kingston University graduate’s exhibition “Polar Heir” begins in South Korea

By Mai Vabo Jan 13, 2015

A KU graduate in MA Curating Contemporary Design has been named one of South Korea’s biggest photographers after graduating from Kingston in 2004.

This week Han Sungpil is starting his latest exhibition “Polar Heir” at the Arario Gallery in Seoul, where he will be showcasing photography and videos from his visit to the polar regions.

The project has been going over two years, since Han completed his last exhibition in 2013, and focuses on time and history from the Arctic and Antarctic.

In a statement accompanying the exhibition, Han wrote:

“After my studies on the human traces in and around the Arctic and Antarctic areas, my question has been about how the region’s icy stratification over the hundreds of thousands of years of their natural history contrasts with their much shorter but quite significant history of human expedition, research and development.”

Check out some examples from the exhibition in our gallery below:

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