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Photo Gallery: Kingston University students stand up to bullying

By Priyanka Mogul Jan 9, 2015

Anti-Bullying Week is an international event held annually to raise awareness about different kinds of bullying, and bullying prevention.

Kingston’s LGBTQ+ Officer Amy Claire Bush sought to raise awareness about the levels of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in our community by starting a photo campaign on Penrhyn Road campus. A number of students took part, each holding up a sign explaining their personal reason for standing up to bullying.

Bush said: “I hope that as a result of this event minority communities who face similarly unjustified discrimination feel solidarity on campus, and that people will feel confident to be an active bystander if they witness such activity.”

By Priyanka Mogul

Priyanka is Online Editor of the River Newspaper for Group D. She is also the Manager of International Political Forum and President of the Kingston University Journalism Society. She has previously held the position of Communications Intern with the United Nations Association, One World Media, and The British Institute of Human Rights.

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