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The AGM motion that caused a commotion

By River Reporter Nov 13, 2011

By Surena Chande

Kingston University’s Student Union will not be supporting a proposal to have sports activities on Fridays after it was put it to a vote in their annual general meeting.

If the proposal is passed regardless then it would result in Kingston University being unable to compete with other teams across the nation.

Heavy impact

“There are pros and cons on both sides of this idea,” said KUSU president, Chris Dingle. “It could be good for students who commute and students who need to work to support themselves at University but it is also likely to have a heavy impact on competitive sports which are mostly played on a Wednesday afternoon.”

Julius Weinberg, the Vice Chancellor of the university, spoke at the meeting which had an impressive turnout.

Great shame

George Turner, the KOKS Karting society President, said: “Races are held on Wednesdays, and with our drivers in lectures the team will significantly drop in standards and in numbers, which will be a great shame.”

Three more motions were passed so that now all students will have the opportunity to go on a placement, the union will support the local march being held on November 30 in conjunction with the public sector strike and the union will issue a statement of no-confidence in government plans for education.

The motion to make the John Galsworthy court yard area a non-smoking area was refused

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