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Ram Jam Records and the joy of open mic

By Plamedi Mbungu Nov 8, 2023

About 100 metres away from Kingston Station lies the heart of Kingston’s music community, Ram Jam Records. Here you’ll find eccentricity reigns supreme. Ram Jam is without a doubt, a bedlam of creativity, where musicians of all ages, genres and ethnicities are given a stage to perform in front of a loyal band of regulars.

Every Wednesday, Ram Jam hosts an open mic night from 7-11 where attendees can soak in the intimate vibe. For the most part, the venue draws in singer-songwriters, but at least once, a heavy metal or rap group or even a jazz musician will take to the stage.

For example, Kingston-based Indie Rock band, Bones Experience were there last month. After their performance, we spoke to some of the band who explained: “We just want to make music that people love, it’s as simple as that. So, if we have the ability to come down to the Ram Jam, we can express ourselves through the music and that’s what is most important at the end of it.”

The show is fun to watch but the performers also talked about what it means to them. Trumpeter and local resident John said: “For me to play here, I got my self-confidence back.” Whereas Joe Dawson said becoming a singer songwriter let him “channel my emotions”.

Across the evening you will hear indie renditions of classics like Your Song by Elton John. But the originals are what set Ram Jam apart from a lifeless Karaoke venue. They show how many immensely talented artists fall into the undiscovered category. However, they aren’t all depressed by the fact they may never get their big break. Instead, they revel in the creativity and the joy of having their music heard.

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