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Ramadan for international students: How to make the most of it

By Elizaveta Shchigireva Mar 10, 2023
Credit: Unsplash/Rumman Amin

Ramadan, the most important time of the year for Muslims worldwide, is just around the corner so now is the right time to prepare for it mentally and physically.

Ramadan is a month of fasting and abstaining from things considered to be impure for the mind and body in order to get closer to God and become a better version of yourself.

Although Ramadan is meant to be the time of togetherness, it can be a difficult experience for international students who are separated from their families and can feel isolated.

If you find yourself spending this Ramadan alone, then remember we are all in this together.

One of the blessings of Ramadan is the bonds we build with one another as a community, growing spiritually collectively.

We call each other brothers and sisters for a reason. We are all children of Allah SWT and that makes all of us family.

Here are some tips to stay connected with the community and make the most of Ramadan as an international student:

1. Visiting the masjid

There is no place for loneliness at the masjid. Attending the house of Allah SWT for the five daily prayers or taraweeh is the best way to connect with other believers during Ramadan. Praying together creates a sense of contentment and motivates you to hold fast.

2. Volunteering

Charity is integral to Ramadan. Offering your time for the sake of Allah will benefit you and those around you. Taking part in a collective effort feels rewarding and creates a sense of togetherness.

3. Islamic classes

Ramadan is the perfect time to gain deeper understanding of Islam. Whether it is learning Arabic or Islamic theology , attending classes is a great opportunity to make new friends and grow stronger in your faith.

4. Frequent calls with your family

Staying in touch with your family is essential during Ramadan. Talking to your loved ones will give you motivation and support. You can address the struggles that you face and seek advice from those who have your best interest in mind.

5. Develop your tafakkur

Use the time alone to develop your relationship with Allah SWT. We have to remember everything, despite its pain, is good for us. Reflect on the abundance of signs around us, the creation, the blessings and the lessons within them. This type of reflection can feed your soul in the most powerful ways.

Be kind to yourself this Ramadan and believe in the beautiful words of our Creator: “So, surely with hardship comes ease” (Quran 94:5).

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