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Life after uni: So what next?

By Ida Lillebo Nov 16, 2020
PHOTO: Robin Rayne/ZUMA Wire/Shutterstock

Work, continue on to masters, or travel the world? We were told the opportunities were endless.

The past year has taken its toll on everyone, leaving most people in limbo not knowing what to expect next. This year’s graduating students are definitely no exception.

After graduating, most people aim to find a job that is relevant to their education, but finding your first job after studies can be a challenge. Coronavirus has taken that challenge to another level.

Ameen Saeed, 20, Economics

“Before Covid-19 I had plans to find a graduate job at an investment banking firm, or even a firm that relates to my economics degree. Now, with the uncertainty, and as the job market for my field doesn’t have many jobs at all, I don’t know anymore. If the opportunity arises I will go down my field, but if not I  have no idea at all. I will have to move back in with my parents until I have a stable income.”

Izzy Heaton, 21, law

“I could potentially try to work at my internship and build a job there. However, I was considering moving to Bristol, as starting a career is a bit scary. I would also like to do a masters at Imperial College in London, but I think Bristol is more realistic right now. I was considering working for a year so that I had a bit more experience before doing my masters. However, I feel like that option is a bit harder now with Covid-19 and all the uncertainty around the availability of jobs.

Abby Munday, 21, business magament

“I feel quite stressed about how Covid-19 will affect the results of my degree, but it hasn’t changed my plans for after uni. I intend to complete my legal practice course combined with my masters at the University of Law, Exeter. I’m planning to live with my boyfriend, whilst working as a paralegal in a law firm until I graduate. After graduation, I hope to pursue a job as a solicitor. However, Corona[virus] has impacted my next steps in regards to uncertainty about deadlines and application processes. There has also been a massive decrease in the legal job market, especially for paralegals. This means I will struggle to find a job within my field, and that I may have to apply for a non-legal job for the time being.”

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