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Finished watching Squid Game: Netflix has you covered

By Evie M Barrett Oct 7, 2021
still image from TV show Squid GameKorean drama Squid Game has taken the world by storm. Photo: Netflix/Shutterstock

The River’s guide to Netflix international dramas

The screen fades to black. The credits start rolling. For once, the ‘next episode’ button isn’t there to entice you into another episode.

The devastation of finishing a riveting TV series is a pain everyone knows far too well, and it is something binge-watchers are collectively experiencing right now more than ever.

If you have ventured onto social media in the past few weeks, you will not need an explanation of Squid Game, the Netflix-produced viral sensation which is at number one in 90 countries.

A remarkable feat for a non-English language show, Squid Game is reportedly set to become Netflix’s most successful original series of all time.

The problem is, viewers are left with a Squid Game shaped hole in their hearts when they reach the end of its nine episodes, fuelling a hunger that can only be satisfied with more fresh series to binge on.

Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of Netflix’s best international shows which you can sink your teeth into right away.

Alice in Borderland

If you are fresh out of Squid Game episodes and looking for more of the same, Alice in Borderland should be your next port of call. The 2020 show follows the journey of a video-game addict and his friends, as they venture through an abandoned Tokyo, playing dangerous logic puzzles and competing to survive. Sound familiar?

A knock-off version of Squid Game may spring to mind, but think of Alice in Borderland more like its complementary Japanese counterpart. Whilst perhaps a little cheesier than the Korean hit series, Alice in Borderland certainly offers more of the unique suspense that made Squid Game such a success.

Alice in Borderland’s challenges arguably require more intelligent (albeit occasionally far-fetched) solutions, making for a mind-stretching watch.

Money Heist

A veteran of the non-English language Netflix genre, Money Heist is a must-watch for anyone who missed the original hype back in 2017. For those who saw the show when it premiered, it is definitely worth catching up on all five seasons, ready for the finale release later this year.

With the initial season centred around an intricately-planned bank robbery, the Spanish series has bloomed into so much more throughout its five season span, offering romance, drama, and plenty of high-stakes action. You move quickly from viewing the characters as criminals, to seeing multifaceted human beings whose fates you are deeply invested in, despite them being fictional characters.

If you found yourself rooting for certain players in the trials and tribulations of Squid Game, you will be just as enthusiastic to see how the robbers in Money Heist fare.

The Chestnut Man

For those who enjoyed Squid Game’s darker edge, consider putting this new Danish serial-killer drama to the top of your watchlist. Comparable to Harlan Coben’s smash crime drama series The Stranger and Safe (which can also be found on Netflix), The Chestnut Man is full of grit and intrigue, the likes of which the British public seem to love.

Based around a killer who leaves small figurines made from chestnuts at crime scenes, the six-part series is probably as sinister as it gets.

Perfect for watching on an eerie autumn evening, The Chestnut Man is sure to leave you spooked, yet spark a curiosity that will make you eager to finish the series.

Too Hot To Handle Latino / Brazil

If you’re a newbie to international Netflix dramas, how about a juicy reality TV show to add into the mix, allowing you to sharpen your subtitle-reading skills along the way.

Too Hot To Handle, the popular Love Island-style Netflix show, has returned to offer versions with Spanish and Portuguese speaking contestants, which are sure to be just as fun as the original. Expect all the scandal of the American edition, with some added Latin and Brazilian spice. 

With the help of these series, your week-long Squid Game obsession will soon be forgotten. The age of the international television show is upon us, so it is time to delve into Netflix’s extensive worldwide catalogue.

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