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Kingston University’s sport fixtures: Week eight

By River Reporter Mar 19, 2012

A busy week of men’s football and a weekend of boxing awaits Kingston atheletes.

Edward Write 

Wednesday March 21<--break->


Football Women’s

Surrey first – Kingston first, 14:00 (League)


Football Men’s

Buckinghamshire New third – Kingston first, 14:00 (League)

Buckinghamshire New fourth – Kingston second, 14:00 (League)

Chichester fifth– Kingston third, 14:00 (League)

Kingston fourth – Royal Holloway second, 14:00 (League)


Golf Mixed

Kingston second – Portsmouth second, time n/a (League)


Volleyball Women’s

Kingston first – Westminster first, time n/a (League)


Tennis Women’s

Kingston first – Westminster first, 12:00 (League)


Saturday March 24


Rugby Union Men’s

Surrey first – Kingston first, time n/a (League)

Portsmouth third – Kingston second, 14:00 (League)


Friday March 23 – Sunday 25 – Boxing special

Nabiel Malik and Tomasz Koprowski travel to Sheffield to box in the BUCS British Championships.

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