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KU amateur boxer wins debut match

By River Reporter Feb 22, 2013

Paul Chimczak prevailed on his debut amateur boxing match after two years of hard training. 

Konstantinos Lianos 

A Kingston University student triumphed on his very first amateur boxing fight after almost two years of hard training and two match cancellations.

Paul Chimczak, 22, an economics student, promised his opponent “war” and did not fail to deliver anything less as he won via a unanimous decision in a three round fight, which ended his one and a half year odyssey.

“I proved to myself that if I try hard enough, I can overcome anything,” said Chimczak. “I gave it my all and didn’t really care about the outcome of the fight. I left no stone unturned.”

The match took place at the University of Brighton last month. The Polish-born student represented the Surbiton Amateur Boxing Club and admits he was anxious before the start of his debut match against Crawley’s T. Mancuso.

Tough first round 

The KU student’s rookie image was evident in the first round as he relied mostly on blocking fast shots by Mancuso who was trying to dictate the pace from the early on.

The second round, however, was different as it was the KU student who was dominating the match and cornered his opponent twice.

The third round was Chimczak’s best as he managed to drive his opponent to the ropes repeatedly with some fast shots and inspired plenty of crowd reaction. He knew how important this last round was and fought accordingly.

Shocked but delighted 

The 22-year-old admits that he was shocked after the judges announced their unanimous decision but after all his trials and tribulations, he finally managed to realise his dream of raising his hands to the crowd.

“It feels really good,” he said. “I am really happy. The training wasn’t all that intense apart from last month but nevertheless, it was enjoyable.”

Chimczak had been waiting for his debut match since late 2011 but it got cancelled twice due to the end of season and lack of paperwork.

The ABA (Amateur Boxing Association) underwent some hard training, which included three sparring sessions per week, a three mile run every morning and a strict diet.

Although exhausted after the end of his match, his joy was for all to see as his dream was finally realised with a fair and triumphant victory.  

Check out the video of the match below. 

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