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The Olympic Future Flame search that came to Kingston

By River Reporter Nov 5, 2011

By Myriam Dijck

The Future Flames campaign came to Kingston University this week, giving students the unique opportunity to get a picture holding the Olympic Torch.

Gold-plated torch

Despite many students being free because of reading week, people were queuing up outside the Students Union on Penrhyn Road, to get their picture taken with the gold-plated torch.
One of them was Jordan Gibbens, 23, who studies sports analysis and coaching. He said: “I got tickets to the Olympics and I know that as the Games are coming nearer I’ll be really excited.”
Only 20 British universities were visited by the Future Flames campaign which is sponsored by Coca Cola.
Apart from being able to hold one of the official torches, the campaign offers the chance for people to nominate someone to be an Olympic Torchbearer.
Luke Gray put down Jordan’s name as his nomination. He said his friend is a “top guy”.
“Jordan is the president of the Kingston football club so he does a lot for the community. Everything he does is in his spare time. It’s all voluntary; he doesn’t get paid to do it,” said Luke.
Passionate and inspiring
A panel consisting of athletes and celebrities, including Dizzee Rascal and Eliza Doolittle, will look at the nominations and pick what they think are the most passionate and inspiring people.
“It is a once in a life time opportunity,” said Jordan. “If I get selected as a torchbearer I would be really honoured.”
According to the ancient tradition, the Olympic Flame will be lit in Olympia in Greece and then carried to the UK where it will arrive on May 18 2012.
70-day journey
A total of 8,000 torchbearers will take part in the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay and carry the flame across the country on a 70-day journey.
Each bearer will run a leg of around 300 metres, bringing the Flame in a one-hour distance of 95 per cent of the UK’s population.
Future Flames event manager Nikki Lindsey said: “A lot of people think it is all about the torch, but in fact it’s the flame that is important.
“The flame is handed over from torch to torch, so there will be many torches; every torch bearer will have its own. But there is only one Olympic Flame,” she said.
For more information and to see the nominations go to the Future Flames section on

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