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Oxford claim victory over Cambridge in 159th Boat Race

By River Reporter Mar 31, 2013

Oxford comfortably defeated Cambridge in the 159th Boat Race along the River Thames on Easter Sunday.

Jamie Elliott

Oxford gave a strong performance in winning the 159th Boat Race on the River Thames to defeat their Cambridge rivals.

Cambridge, historically ranking higher than Oxford in the BNY Mellon Boat race, has had their lead cut to 81 over Oxford’s 77 following the 2013 contest on Easter Sunday.

“They put together a really fantastic race, they put in one too many moves and we couldn’t answer it, which is something that is going to probably replay in my head for the rest of my life,” said Cambridge President George Nash.

An early win

The two university crews were cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd who turned out in cold conditions as the dark blues of Oxford won the toss, choosing to start from the Surrey station.

Having lost last year’s race, Oxford’s crew cut their risk of back-to-back defeat by starting strongly and gaining a quick lead despite having the heavier crew.

A spirited struggle

Cambridge remained contenders in the race and put up a good fight between Putney and Mortlake, but it was not enough to knock their opponent’s cool stride.

Then through Oxford’s determination they provided the winning push on the Surrey bend to allow themselves open water, going on to grab a length-and-a-third victory over their rivals.

Ruthless Oxford

Following the race, Oxford cox Oskar Zorilla said that their comfortable victory was thanks to their “indestructable and devastating rhythm” being the decisive element in the end.

The crew’s triumph was the culmination of this year’s successful wins for Oxford’s reserve and women’s teams.

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