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Student ambassadors left in the dark over payment

By Diego Evrard-Broquet Feb 16, 2022
A piggy bank and few notesThe lateness generated anxiety amongst student. Credit: Photo by Alf Jonsson/imageBROKER/Shutterstock

Some students have been left anxious and confused over payment procedures for their student ambassador roles.

The paid roles consist of various tasks such as answering the university helpline or helping with logistics during university-led events. 

One ambassador, who didn’t want to be named, explained: “When we applied to the scheme we had to give details about bank accounts etc, but it turned out we had to send the bank details yet again to the financial team. I got paid after two months, but I am not complaining.” 

Timesheets have to be submitted by the 5th of the month in order to get paid on the 26th of the same month, otherwise, payment is made in the next month. 

A student on the program said she knew student ambassadors from the previous year had been paid on time but added: “It seems like they aren’t organised this year.”

At the time I was a bit annoyed, but the university does pay for every hour you work.”

A student ambassador

A newly recruited student ambassador added: “It’s just that they don’t explain fully about the processes for new ambassadors. We got help from more experienced students. At the time I was a bit annoyed, but the university does pay for every hour you work.” 

A university spokesperson said: “A small number of Student Ambassadors reported delays to payments last term, which were caused by technical issues that have been resolved. 

“We always seek to investigate and resolve any issues about payments as quickly as possible.” 

In previous years around 400 student ambassadors have been recruited although this year it has been down to 300 following Covid restrictions. 

A university spokesperson said: “We have continued to provide employment to as many students as possible throughout the pandemic, as we recognise that access to part-time work has been limited.”

Separately, some international students say they are still waiting for reimbursement of Covid hotel fees despite supplying the relevant documentation.

“I kept emailing and chasing them but still no response”

An international student

“The university replied after a while that the documents have been received. No confirmation was sent by them so I kept emailing and chasing them but still no response,” said one international student.

However other international students have received confirmation of their reimbursement.

“The University has processed all requests received and, where eligible students provided a copy of their quarantine hotel booking confirmation, a £1,000 reduction was applied to their tuition fee,” a university spokesperson said.

By Diego Evrard-Broquet

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