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Students shortchanged on tenancy deposit refunds

By Anastasia Edwards Oct 3, 2016
Some students haven't been refunded the correct amount for their property's deposit.

Kingston University students were yesterday refunded their deposits from University accredited  properties, only to find that some have been short-changed.
Headed tenancy is a database of landlords accredited by the university available exclusively for Kingston University students. A number of students have complained to the finance and accommodation office at the Penrhyn Road student life centre, saying they received less money back than they should’ve done after a long wait to have their deposits returned.

“After our contracts ended with headed tenancy we are entitled to get our deposits back minus any charges that occurred”, said Georgia Barratt, 20, a third-year dance student and one of those affected. “This should ideally take around six weeks. Instead, we have waited months and are yet to get our full deposit back.”

Barratt was due a refund of £183.75 after her headed tenancy landlord claimed repair costs of £65 to be split among the four tenants at the property. She instead received a payment of £167.50.

“As students, every little bit of money is vital,” said Barratt. “Headed tenancy and the student life centre are there to help you and yet all I feel is they have made our lives much more difficult.”

Positive reasons students find their properties through Headed Tenancy services is because the university acts as the landlord for students meaning any issues with the properties can be sorted out directly via the institution.

The service also allows students to pay their yearly rent in three instalments, to coincide with student finance payments.

The team at the student life centre say the difference of money owed will be paid directly to the students by the end of next week.

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