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Trumps Muslim travel ban shows that history is repeating itself

Holocaust Memorial Day fell on January 27 this year: the day we commemorate and honour the 11 million victims of severe hate, racism and discrimination.

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LIVE BLOG: US election 2016

On the evening of US presidential election 2016 The River will be live blogging events throughout. Check back here for updates on swing states and student reactions as results roll in from Maine to Alaska. [more…]

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Though the flower prints and fedoras make it clear that Selma, directed by Ava DuVernay, is set in the 1960s Alabama, the issues the film deals with are unfortunately ongoing. It was in Selma, where [more…]

Review: Compliance

A disturbing film representation of true stories, The River reviews a “hard to swallow” Craig Zobel film. Teri Dyer Some films are hard to watch because they’re simply awful, but Compliance offers a completely different [more…]


Review: Lincoln

Biopics need a strong central performance, you have to feel for the lead character and believe them. Steven Spielberg achieves this perfectly in Lincoln. Max Parker When Day-Lewis’s Abraham Lincoln speaks, everyone around him listens. [more…]