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A day in the life: The LRC night team

Arriving at the LRC at Penrhyn Road campus an up-beat team are behind the desk greeting students with big smiles. It is 10pm, not late really, but for those of us who are promptly up at 7am every [more…]

KU gossip web page still running after backlash

Spotted in the library facebook page remains online in spite of Vice Chancellor’s warning. Gemma Coleman A Facebook group that mocks students in the Penrhyn Road campus library remains online even after the Vice-Chancellor demanded the [more…]


Kingston LRC User Survey: Accurate or optimistic?

Kingston University Learning Research Centre have revealed the results from their LRC User Survey 2012/13. Rochelle Claxton Kingston University have revealed encouraging answers to the question: What is the best thing about your LRC? Unsurprisingly, the [more…]