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Lack of space at Knights Park Learning Resource Centre

By River Reporter Oct 27, 2011

By Amirah Valu  and
Ashleigh Wight

Knights Park students have been left frustrated with the lack of space at their temporary Learning Resources Centre (LRC) at Penrhyn Road.

I won’t find space

During the summer, resources from the old Knights Park LRC moved to the ground floor of the John Galsworthy building at Penrhyn Road, while the new library will open early next year.

“I’m a bit worried that when it comes to doing my final projects and presentations, I won’t find space to do my work or put my portfolio together. I don’t want to get in other students way,” said first year art and design student, Zahraa Ali.


The new LRC in Knights Park will be opened in February 2012, which will provide more study spaces, access to more computers, seminar rooms and a special collections reading room.

“The university is making major improvements to the Knights Park campus, including creating a larger, more modern Learning Resources Centre on the ground floor,” a Kingston University spokeswoman said.

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