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The best tracks to listen to while studying

Procrastination must come to an end. Assignments are piling up and exams are around the corner. Revising and writing a three-thousand-word essay is not fun, but music can somehow make it more enjoyable. Not to [more…]

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Best 5 coffee shops to study at in Kingston

Christmas is always a difficult time when it comes to studying not to mention Kingston University Penrhyn Road library closure on top so what can are the alternatives? Especially as it is not always possible [more…]

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KU research shows UK universities are failing commuter students

Research from Kingston University suggests that courses need to change to better suit students who commute from long distances to university every day.

Students feel the weight of tuition hike

Students paying £9,000 tuition fees are racking their brains to earn a first class degree instead of adopting the stereotypical social life that their counterparts under the lower-fee scheme lead, a new survey suggests.

Students spend £100 a month on takeaways

A new study has found that students spend their money on almost 20 takeaway meals each month. Jamie Elliott Students are stretching their tight budgets to splash out almost £100 on takeaways each month, according [more…]