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10 New Year’s resolutions everyone should make

By Penelope Karaolis Jan 5, 2015

It is the season to make a long list of promises which will be forgotten within a week of being jotted down. After all, no one has ever lost 30 pounds in 30 days (at least not voluntarily). This year, ditch the overly ambitious resolutions aside and try out these  New Year’s ‘attempts’ for a fulfilled, healthful 2015.

1. I will make sure my family and friends know that I love them.


2. I will give a cup of hot coffee or food to a homeless person once in a while.


3. I will start carrying tissues in my purse because all the cuffs on my sweaters are starting to look really gross.

4. I will quit alcohol (every other day at least).

5. I will volunteer in social causes (animal shelters, cancer shops, bringing free pizza for all at University etc).


6. I will not have unprotected one-night stands.

7. I will stop taking more than two selfies a day.

8. I will start being more active (speed walking to McDonald’s does not count).

9. I will avoid being videotaped doing silly things (future employers might see it).

10. I will eat ALL the junk I want until midnight, January 31 and then start being heathier (I’d like to see that happening).


Happy New Year everyone! 



Photographs by Maria Kaffa

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