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Tesco to cut the value of Clubcard rewards leaving students frustrated

By Alhia Yousofi Mar 28, 2023
Tesco signTesco announced the cut in value of Clubcard points. Credit: Simone Hutsch / Unsplash

Tesco has announced it is cutting the value of its Clubcard rewards scheme from June 14.

Clubcard points will be worth twice their value when exchanged for rewards, instead of three times as they are now.

The Clubcard rewards scheme allows customers to collect points in exchange for vouchers that can be used in store or spent in restaurants or on attractions. 

Many students at Kingston University do their weekly shop at Tesco, therefore this decrease in Clubcard rewards will affect them. 

Jasmine Hansley, a student at Kingston, expressed her frustration: “I shop at Tesco one or two times a week and the Clubcard savings were the only reason I did.”

Hansley went on to say: “I think this will hit students hard, especially the students who live away from home. 

“A lot of my friends and I live out for uni, and we’ve all been struggling financially. This is going to just add to that stress.”

In February 2023, Tesco was the fourth cheapest supermarket, with Sainsbury’s coming in third, Lidl in second and Aldi first. 

Lidl and Aldi are a better option for students looking to save money when grocery shopping.

Shopping at Aldi instead of Tesco can save you up to £10.51 on a typical basket of 43 items.

Sainsbury’s and Boots have also cut the value of their loyalty schemes. 

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