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Curveball begins filming in Kingston Uni

By Bakar Hassan Mar 27, 2023
Filming wires and lightsFilming at Kingston uni by: Bakar Hassan

Kingston Uni became the setting of a new series this weekend.

Filming for an episode of the new upcoming online series Curveball took place at Kingston University’s Penrhyn Road campus over the weekend.

The main building was closed off, including the reception and cafeteria, with blockades and security staff while filming took place.

The crew were tight-lipped about the details but said that Curveball is a comedy with strong themes of struggle and perseverance and that the story that is a must-watch.

“I think it’s a great choice on behalf of Kingston University to enable those in the acting industry to utilise the University as a place of filming,” said Sam Huntley-Poole, an actor living in Kingston borough.

Filming for the multi award-winning Netflix show The Crown also took place at Kingston University a few months ago.

Kingston University students will be proud to know that their university will once again be the setting for a (potentially successful) series.

The film crew bought along multiple lorries containing lights and cables that were set up around the main building, as well as a few paramedics with a truckload of equipment.

There was minimal disruption as there were few students or staff around during the weekend.

The new series will be released late in 2023 to early 2024 and available on online.

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