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The 5 most annoying things that happen at KU

By Hanaa Foura Oct 13, 2014
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Kingston University is a great place to study. But there are some deeply annoying things that happen that can make each day frustrating, from students hogging the laptops in the LRC, to messing with the books, to inaccurate timetables. While the university may be to blame for the timetables, many of the other daily irritations are partly our own fault. We, the students annoy each other, intentionally or otherwise. In a place where everyone pays to be stressed, we start to get annoyed about the most menial things that occur throughout the day. Before you think I am just over exaggerating, I am sure everyone has experienced at least one point on this list.

The timetables

  1. Although we know the university is working on improving our timetables this term and have apologised for the inconvenience, I cannot help but head the list with this issue. Noor Allaghbani, 20, International Relations and Media student, like many, said she was dismayed with the confusion: “Although it didn’t affect me in terms of missing my classes, it’s just annoying how they’re constantly changing, it’s very unpredictable especially at the beginning of term.”

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No rooms

  1. The room availability system is so unreliable that typically you think you have finally found a room, but once you have sat down and gotten comfortable, someone arrives and announced it is needed for a class. This leaves people walking around the 4th and 5th floors of the JG Building like lost sheep, just to look for another free room. If the room is already booked for a class it should be made clear in the system, so students don’t assume its a free room and get comfortable.

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Useless space

  1. When people leave their laptops, bags and basically their whole life at a desk in the library and go off for hours. Jade Carrig, 27, a sociology student said: “They’re asking to be robbed and on busy periods, with a lack of computers around in the library it’s really frustrating for me to not use the computer.”

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Ruined books

  1. When you take out a book in the library and most of it is highlighted or drawn in. Depending on how you see it, maybe this could be a good thing, but most of the time it’s distracting. I know, I know you can get another copy but usually, in my case it’s the only one left in the library.

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The lifts

  1. The evil game people play at the lifts in the JG Building, where there is a lift full of people on the ground floor and as the doors are closing, someone outside the lift clicks the button making the doors open again. Leaving everyone stuck on the ground floor. Better yet this usually happens to me when I have to be on the 5th floor in 2 minutes.

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Now you have read about the annoying things at KU and probably agreed, why not remind yourself about the 10 great things about the university.


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