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University motorsport hits town

By Anthony Waterworth Oct 20, 2014
Ion Horse record breaking bike in the Market square

The University Engineering department showed off their award winning electric racers in the market square for the general public to see.

The demonstrations on Saturday included a Formula Student electric race car run by KU e-Racing team, and a land speed record holding electric motorcycle, the Ion Horse.

Mr Eoin Lewis, principal lecturer said: “It’s great to see the Engineering department showing what they’re capable of and seeing the positive reaction from the public.”

The students wanted to incorporate the local community and get everyone from school children to local businesses involved with the projects.

The Engineering team are aiming for many at the University to get involved with their projects across all faculties to make it a bigger and more expansive operation which would also bring more funds.

Mr Lewis said: “It’s a great project, the car has been built by students from the ground up. It brings together people from all over the University and now the community.”

Aldus von der Burg, KU e-Racing team leader said that they were looking to push the boundaries of technology used on the car for next year’s competition at Silverstone.

Aldus said: “The unique cooling system on the back of the car was praised by Dyson and this year we’re pushing the boundaries for better streamlines and better components.”

Parts of the car are created through 3D printing which puts it at the edge of what’s possible and there have been no mechanical failures or safety issues thanks to the outside sponsoring of companies such as Bender, Laserlines and Spal.

The KU e-Racing team enter into the Formula Student series which is held annually at the British Grand Prix circuit, Silverstone. Last year 140 Universities from 38 countries around the world entered the competition.

Steve Hannon, driver for team KU e-Racing said: “All of the new technology that the team are putting together is really exciting and I can’t wait to race it.”

Shaun Anderson, KU Alumni is the new rider for the Ion Horse team and he said that they are pushing for a podium spot at next year’s world famous TT festival held in the Isle of Man.

In 2011, the team beat the likes of BMW and finished third overall which meant they won the University competition and just last year achieved a UK land speed record of 160mph.

Shaun said: “I’m not used to riding an electric bike and tomorrow when we test the bike I’ll certainly miss the sound.”

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