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The importance of Mother’s Day when living away from home

By Georgia McJannett-Smith Mar 19, 2023
Handmade mothers day card and flowersMake the most of Mother's Day regardless of your budget. Credit: Karolina Bobek/Unsplash

When living in halls or privately-rented accommodation, it is easy to get consumed by your life in Kingston.

Studies reign supreme for many students, who become self-proclaimed workaholics or contrastingly, others overcommit to a local part-time job.

Prioritising family time can be quite the challenge.

Mother’s Day is the first catalyst for a concoction of guilt and longing in the calendar year.

You start to think more about your immediate family and wish you had called your grandparents more often.

But even a 10-minute phone call or popping in for a coffee with your biggest cheerleaders would make their day and maybe even lift your spirits.

Surbiton has good rail links into London, enabling a smooth start to your journey across the country.

Investing in a student railcard makes the journey home easier on a student’s wallet.

With the little disposable income that Student Finance England may loan to you, pay it forward and treat your mother for the day.

Mother's Day balloons
When was the last time you put up decorations for your mother? Credit: Nick Fewings/Unsplash

If quality time or gift giving are your love languages, this holiday will ignite excitement even if your budget or time is limited.

Nothing is sweeter than watching somebody you love open a perfectly curated or sentimental gift, followed by a bear hug.

However, if distance is too big of an obstacle, video calls and visits to the post office still show an admirable amount of effort. After all, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

One way or another your mother played a key part in you being where you are today.

Use March 19 to reflect on your relationship and show your mother some gratitude and love.

Even try to implement some healthy and sustainable habits to lessen the strain that university may have put on your relationship.

By Georgia McJannett-Smith

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