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The most eye opening Netflix documentaries on the benefits of veganism

By Elizaveta Shchigireva Jan 25, 2023
Close up of a cowPhoto: Clément Rémond/Unsplash

We have prepared a collection of the most eye-opening documentary films about modern overconsumption of meat and the benefits of veganism.

We promise that they will make you rethink your whole life.


This documentary focuses on the environmental impact of animal agriculture.

It follows a journey of an aspiring environmentalist, Kip Anderson, who is willing to find the real solution to the most serious environmental issues and true path to sustainability.

This film claims that if everyone on the planet adopts a vegan lifestyle, global greenhouse gas emissions will drastically drop.

The main message is that cutting meat consumption is a powerful and personal thing people can do to tackle climate crisis.

Hogwood: a modern horror story

This documentary takes you beyond the factory farm walls.

The film follows a fearless group of undercover investigators as they expose shocking atrocities inside Hogwood farm.

This is a truly heartbreaking tale of negligence, greed and inaction.

It gives you an insight into the suffering that animals in factory farms have to go through in confinement without ever seeing daylight.


This film examines the human impact on marine life and challenges notions of sustainable fishing.

The film explores environmental issues affecting oceans, including plastic pollution, ghost nets and overfishing, and argues that commercial fisheries are the main danger to marine ecosystems.

It uncovers alarming signs of the marine food chain disruption and its potential devastating effects on the future of humanity.

The film advocates for ending fish consumption.

Maybe give up the meat burgers? Photo: Louis Hansel/ Unsplash

What the Health

What the Health is the groundbreaking film that exposes the collusion and corruption in government and big businesses that are hiding the truth about health consequences of high meat consumption.

The film examines the link between diet and disease, and the billions of dollars at stake in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food industries.

It attempts to convince viewers that the American diet is detrimental to the environment and personal health and should be switched to a plant based diet.

Enjoy watching.

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