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The River says: Environment

By Natalie J Crookham Oct 24, 2019
Are Kingston University buying into their own environmental policies? Photo: RexFeatures

The environment surrounds us.

It was here before us and it will be here long after us, so why are we not taking better care of it?

People’s interest in sustainability is at its peak, as the environmental group Extinction Rebellion’s recent commuter disruptions and demonstrations show.

One needs to question whether our university is doing enough.

Kingston University has an environmental policy which focuses on Fairtrade, waste, energy and biodiversity among others.

The University boasts of its compliance with both UK and European environment legislations.

Although that is a step in the right direction, all Kingston University canteens offer hot drinks (the fuel of students looking for that morning kick) with plastic lids.

Also, Vegware, a palm-based plant material, is used as the canteens’ coffee cups material and is unable to be recycled which is misunderstood by many students.

Despite a 25p discount if you use a reusable cup many students still use the unrecyclable cups.

The University provides many water fountains across campus for students to refill their bottles.

However, they are slow and tempera`mental with poor water pressure and students feel that they are hidden.

It is easier and more convenient to buy bottled water. If the University is not fully buying into its policy, why should the 16,000 students?

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