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The River says: General Election

By Natalie J Crookham Nov 26, 2019
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Students complaining is an every-day occurrence.

‘Why do we have to pay tuition fees?’

‘I wish there was better public transport around!’

‘Why is single-use plastics still a thing?’

Going through a normal day as a student without finding at least one thing to be annoyed at is a trial.

It is therefore odd that so many young people are not registered to vote.

This is your chance to actually change things.

The fact that one in three young people are not registered to vote is alarming.

This is our opportunity to change things, most of us did not have the chance to have a say previously.

Now we do.

By reading the different parties manifesto all of us have the opportunity to vote for who we think had the best ideas.

We can even spoil the ballot, which is better than not voting at all.

If you decide not to vote.

Next time you see an annoyance that you wish could be solved, remember that you had the opportunity to do something about it, but didn’t take it.

Register to vote by 23.59 on November 26.

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