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They tried to make me go to toast rehab, I said no

By Harriet King Nov 28, 2015

Toast rehab’ is the latest high tech way to battle boozy clubbers and late night trouble in Kingston.

Viper Rooms has recently introduced a chill-out room, complete with a kettle and toaster, where drunken customers are taken to sober up, after their behavior is observed by security.

In the chill-out room, toast and other snacks are provided in order to soak up the over consumed alcohol. Customers can be in the room all evening until they are sober enough to leave.

George Dingle, third year drama and creative writing student, who has first hand experienced the room said: “Security told me they had been watching me for a while and said I kept falling over. I didn’t think I had. I was taken into a room and told I could not leave until I had sobered up.

“After refusing various slices of toast, and having multiple arguments with security, I was allowed to leave the club, however could not return to my night out at Viper Rooms. You work all week and look forward to a night out and end up in what can only be described as toast rehab.”

George now fears he is banned from the club after security took details from his ID. He is among many who have visited ‘toast rehab.’

Third year English literature and drama student, Louise Falcucci-Lear, who was with George on the night said: “I get why they were trying to keep drunken people off the streets but not letting someone leave a room is a bit extreme. They were completely targeting the wrong people – none of the people in the room were going to cause any problems they just wanted a good night.”

The chill-out room was launched after the club identified a need for it. Customers were too drunk due to over drinking at ‘pre-drinks’ and need toast in order to soak up excessive alcohol.

Tania Mungia, local nutritionist and dietician said: “the stomach is like a funnel and if there is nothing in the funnel the alcohol passes directly into the stomach. Instead, if you put toast or any sort of food into the funnel, the alcohol takes a lot more time to pass through. It is also recommended to take a glass of water for every glass or alcohol you take because the absorption rate will be slower.”

Viper Rooms have confirmed the chill-out room is not a recent crackdown on alcohol consumption.

The recently renovated club, previously known as Mckluskys, was shut down for a weekend last month after two French nationals were attacked by a seven-man mob after they had been drinking in the club.

Paul Kinsey, general manager of Viper Rooms said: “Our staff are fully trained on what signs to look out for and if we see someone who is drunk they are asked to go to the chill-out room where they get a cup of tea, coffee, or water and biscuits and allowed to sober up. We then assess whether they need to go home in which case we find their friends to help or they are allowed back into the club.

“This has worked really well in spotting people before they are a risk to themselves or others and is being well received by customers and staff.”

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