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Top 5 cocktails for Halloween

By Lucy Hutchon Oct 25, 2016
Mandatory Credit: Photo by David X Prutting/BFA/REX/Shutterstock (5721653l) Absolut Elyx-mosphere, Jim Meehan, (Bar Tender from Please Dont Tell) Chloe Sevigny and Johan Lindeberg Celebrate the Unveiling of Luxury Vodka Absolut Elyx with Portraits from its Integrity Campaign, Featuring Sevigny, Photographed by Lindeberg, New York , USA - 13 May 2013

With Halloween fast approaching and national cocktail week  coming to an end, we got in touch with Kingston students to find out their top five favourite spooky cocktails and here are the results.

For the men who like to drink stout but still fancy a cocktail now and then, there is Black Velvet made up of half Guinness and half champagne.

Why not try the Caramel Apple Punch if you love apple bobbing? All you need is apple cider, spiced rum, lemon juice and one red apple.

If a margarita does not pack enough punch for you already, why not add a kick of cayenne pepper to create the Deviled Margarita: Cayenne pepper, salt, lime juice, Tequila and Cointreau.

A truly dark cocktail is Black Magic (not to be confused with the Little Mix song). Mix Vodka, Kalua and a splash of lemon juice.

And finally the spookiest cocktail of them all: the Bloody Mary. Combine Vodka, Tabasco, pepper, salt, lemon juice, tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce. If you wanted to add a slight Mexican twist to this classic, you could replace the vodka with a splash of tequila.

So there you have it, Kingston University’s top five spooky Halloween cocktails for you to try this month.

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