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Why is everyone mocking Greggs’ Valentine’s Day meal?

By Hannah Roberts Feb 1, 2018
Greggs and OpenVacancy will offer sit-down meals to couples on Valentines Day Photo credit: Greggs

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, Greggs announces it will host date nights for couples on Valentine’s Day – complete with waiter service – and suddenly even a sausage roll masquerading as baby Jesus doesn’t sound too far out of the ordinary.

We can probably all agree that Greggs really is on top form for its PR stunts, but should we really be so concerned that Greggs wants to jump aboard the love bus?

Valentine’s Day is probably the worst day of the year for throwing away money on over-the-top gifts and expensive, often-gross meals for your loved one. At least we can justify spending a fortune on Christmas with the excuse that it is ‘for the kids’.

For that reason, it seems more ridiculous that so many of the restaurants that offer ‘Valentine’s Day deals’ are not being ridiculed, because who really enjoys paying £34 for a crappy steak just to prove to their loved one that they know how to ‘do’ romance?

On any other day of the year, Greggs may be synonymous with shoving a steak bake down your throat before your lunch hour finishes, but this special menu actually sounds pretty posh. One starter is a béchamel toasted honey cured ham square… whatever that is. You even get Prosecco!

The point is, we shouldn’t be mocking Greggs for their desire to get in on the Valentine’s Day hype; we should be asking where our loved one would really like to go for their special night out. Is this not, after all, what Valentine’s Day should really be about? Doing something special and considerate for the one you love?

And if it is Greggs that they love, then there’s no real competition. At £15 for two meals, this might end up being just what a spokesperson for Greggs said it would be: “a night to remember”.

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