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8 Reasons Why You Should Go Sober For October

By Elizabeth Stromme Oct 3, 2014

We’re students, we like to party – rephrase; we love to party. The promise of a Friday night at the club is what’s getting us through those far too long and boring lectures, with lecturers who should have retired more than a couple of decades ago. TGIF! Who cares, it’s party o’clock.

By now we have all heard about ‘Sober October’ and you’ve probably been invited by a mate to participate, but if you’re a true student at heart, you’re finding it a troublesome commitment.
So if you’re having a hard time finding the motivation to give sobriety a go, here are eight reasons why you should:

  1. Always being late is simply embarrassing

You know those scowls you’re getting for walking in 10 minutes late for the 9 am lecture? They will be judging you for the rest of term. Seriously, no one appreciates a latecomer who can’t work as hard as they play. And if you insist on being the boozy one, please stop slamming the door when you enter the room – we already hate you enough.


Sleep and the young woman - 13 Jun 2014


  1. Drinks add up quickly 

It’s the first week back at university and we all know freshers is a remarkably seductive excuse to consume way too much alcohol and party our hearts out- money be damned.
Sadly, as it turns out, the student loan is actually for paying the rent and blowing it on drinks perhaps wasn’t the best idea- who knew?


  1. Hangovers are a killer

Feel that numbing ache in your body and your head pounding? That’s your body telling you to grow up. You’re not built for those 12 hour drinking marathons anymore, and there is only so much alcohol and fast food your body can deal with before you pay the ultimate price. In the bathroom. Repeatedly.




  1. Puppy fat – university edition

And speaking of fast food and alcohol: It’s not news that students gain weight at university, and frankly, we do bring it on ourselves. You know that pint of beer you just had to have before leaving the pub? It contained around 180 calories and the end of the night kebab? Somewhere around 1000 calories (or more). If you’re feeling brave – do the math on eight pints of beer and compare it to the recommended daily calorie intake for a 20-something student. Trust me, it isn’t pretty.


  1. The personal trainer’s nightmare

You’ve been up all night partying, so obviously there would be no point going to the gym now, right? Essentially, you’ve become the personal trainer’s worst nightmare. Alcohol stays in the body for a longer period of time, preventing you from reaching maximum potential in your work outs, so you’re just wasting your time going to the gym- and worse, your wasting the personal trainers time. That personal trainer could be helping someone who actually needed it, feel like a selfish git yet?


  1. Amnesia is never fun

We’ve all been there. Waking up with that horrid feeling of doom hanging over us while we try to figure out what happened last night. Odds are, tequila made you feel like a god and you danced like there was no tomorrow, only to decide that bloke in the corner looked absolutely dashing and you needed him on your arm. Of course, you remember nothing of this, and just received a text from him, saying he wants to meet up again after a great night of mind blowing, let’s call it, fun. Right around now, one less shot would have served you well.




  1. ‘I like us better when we’re wasted’

‘Alcohol gives me confidence!’ Nope. It gives you the illusion of confidence. In truth, those three bottles of wine did nothing but make you lower your standards, which you’ll probably be regretting in the morning.
Sober might not be the norm, but you’ll have full control over yourself and be able to strike an intelligent conversation with a perfect stranger at the pub (and for the record people, intelligence is sexy). Plus, if you’re sober, there’s a really good chance your trousers are still on the right way.

Still not convinced you should go sober for 31 days? Here is one last reason, and it’s really the only one you need.

  1. Cancer

The Go Sober for October project was created by Macmillan Cancer Support to raise awareness for cancer. Can you think of a better reason to be sober for 31 days?

So go on, take the challenge:



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