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Ten times Sex Education was just the best show

By Tara Rashica Feb 4, 2022
Otis and Maeve in science labSex Education has been relatable to viewers every season. each Credit: by Jon Hall/Netflix/Kobal/Shutterstock

Our favourite TV show has been renewed for a fourth season. A week after season three was released, Netflix confirmed season four would go ahead.

Right now, the release date for season four is undisclosed but filming will start in April 2022. 

With this in mind let’s look back at the most relatable moments in the show so far.

  1. “Wash your hands you dirty pig”
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Best friends Otis and Eric. Credit: Sam Taylor/Netflix/Kobal/Shutterstock

This is my personal favourite when I first watched it, I was in hysterics and played it back at least five times.

We’ve all been there though haven’t we? We are in a public toilet and someone swings the door open and just walks out the toilet and you’re left there silently judging thinking “gross”.

2. Otis stealing a trophy that rightly belonged to Maeve 

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Otis realising that it was actually Maeve wrote the essay and not Adam. Credit: Sam Taylor/Netflix/Kobal/Shutterstock

When Adam wins a trophy for an essay Maeve wrote, she was very disheartened.

Otis stealing the trophy and carving her name over Adam’s was a very sweet moment that showed a more vulnerable side to Maeve, an already interesting and complex character.

3. Ruby’s encounter with Jean 

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Ruby is about to leave Otis’ house unaware she’s about to have an awkward encounter with Jean. Credit: Eleven/Netflix/Kobal/Shutterstock

Yes, that awkward moment when you run into the parents. This scene is even funnier than it should be simply because it’s Ruby.

You instantly wonder “God what is she going to say?” Telling Jean “I covet your pant suits” and then immediately interrupting Jean when she starts telling Ruby where she got it from.

4. Maeve correcting graffiti about herself

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Moments after correcting the graffiti about herself in the toilets. Credit: Jon Hall/Netflix/Kobal/Shutterstock

“Maeve Wileys a cock biter” is not the most ideal thing to see written about yourself in the school toilets.

While most people would get upset by the comment or try to find out who did it, Maeve reacted in the most Maeve way possible and simply corrected the spelling error by adding an apostrophe.

A boss move on Maeve’s part, forget that she’s just been called a ‘cock biter’, it is that the person who wrote it made a grammatical mistake and that’s what’s important here.

5. Eric and his dad

This scene was up there with one of the most touching scenes in Sex Education.

Something the show does really well is to bring up such a range of issues that teenagers go through in order to relate to its audience.

Eric having to feel like he has to hide who he is from his parents as they may not support him is so heartbreaking to watch.

First generation immigrant children struggle with identity. They are raised by parents who weren’t born or raised in this country, have a different culture and different ideals.

Communication can get lost, especially in the teenage phase.

When Eric shows his dad who he is and how he likes to dress and his dad is understanding of it, it is a moment of relief, you can feel that weight being lifted off Eric’s shoulders.

I think what’s most important in this scene is the impact it has on the audience.

It sends a message that showing your parents who you are is the first step to forming a better connection with them.

6. Maeve sticking up for Ruby 

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Maeve explains to Otis how damaging rumours can be. Credit: Sam Taylor/Netflix/Kobal/Shutterstock

Even though Maeve and Ruby didn’t get along and at times Ruby was quite horrible to Maeve, when rumours about her started circulating at school, Maeve was one of the first people to stand up for Ruby and explain to Otis why rumours are so damaging and hurtful.

This was a lovely touch to the show as it not only highlighted the effects nasty rumours can have on young people but also the importance of women sticking up for each other.

7. Aimee’s first time driving 

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Aimee having lunch before her chaotic driving lesson. Credit: Eleven/Netflix/Kobal/Shutterstock

Aimee undeniably has had a big storyline and character development which we’ll touch on later. But wasn’t this scene just so iconic.

While driving to school Aimee clips a women’s car by mistake and simply apologises and drives off.

Aimee’s lack of insight is what makes this so hilarious, the fact that she also stares right into the camera shocked at the incident, it gave such ‘The Office’ vibes, which made it that much funnier.

8. Adam trying to figure out his sexuality

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Adam hanging out by the train tracks, where he’d usually go to clear his head. Credit: Eleven/Netflix/Kobal/Shutterstock

One thing that makes Sex Education stand out from a lot of shows is it doesn’t shy away from any topic, even if said topic is seen as taboo.

Adam masturbating to a poster of a half-naked woman and then a half-naked man in a bid to figure out his sexuality is so out there, but so hilarious at the same time.

It almost strips any awkwardness away from it and normalises something so many young people do struggle with, which is what makes this scene all the more amazing.

9. Maeve urging Aimee to go to the police about her ordeal on the bus

(Trigger Warning) 

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Aimee telling a police officer about her ordeal on the bus with Maeve there for moral support. Credit: Eleven/Netflix/Kobal/Shutterstock

This storyline for me was one that was beautifully executed by the show.

So many young women and men are unaware of the spectrum of sexual harassment and assault and how it ranges. For Aimee this is exactly the case.

What is so significant about this scene is Maeve’s persistence in telling Aimee to go to the police after she at first completely brushes it off, even thinking that going to the police is an over-reaction.

It is not until she goes to the police, that she realises the severity of the situation but also the impact it’s had on her.

This speaks to one of the things I love about Sex Education, it brings to light an issue that isn’t often talked about.

Highlighting this in a show that is aimed at young people is one way to become more open about these things as a society.

This nicely brings me to my last moment, that will make you fall in love with this show.

10. The bus scene

This was really one of my favourite scenes in season one. After finally admitting to everyone that she (Aimee) can’t get on the bus alone after her ordeal, the girls at school comfort Aimee, also speaking about similar experiences they’ve had.

In the end, all the girls get on the bus with her to show their support and help her overcome her anxiety about getting on a bus.

It’s such a beautiful scene. I personally may or may not have welled up. Again, there’s this emphasis on female empowerment and sticking up for one another, which can have such a positive influence on young women today.

I don’t know about you but talking about all these moments has made me nostalgic already. (Goes to binge-watch season 1-3).

I cannot wait for the premise of season four and what amazing moments it will have to offer.

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