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Former student paints for charity at St Pancras

By River Reporter Nov 20, 2012

Lisa Moravec

Rosie Emerson, a former Kingston University fine art student, painted in public at St Pancras to raise money for charity.

Passers-by were curious to know what was going on and stopped to watch Emerson painting a model.

Emerson raised more than ₤200 for Caring for Courage and the Keats Community Library.

“I was not very nervous or conscious of the people, but I noticed that they took photos. Beth, the model in the dress, got many compliments,” said Emerson.

The idea  

The idea for this life-painting came from the Affordable Art Fair, which was held in Battersea at the end of October and moved to Hampstead afterwards.

“The founder of the Affordable Art fair asked me if I wanted to do it as they were looking for a figurative artist,” said Emerson.

The fine art artist has been exhibiting her latest work at the fair and was chosen by the founder of the fair among “the top ten artists exhibited”.

Kingston still in mind

She remembered her time at Kingston with a smile: “I loved it. Good tutors and great people on the course.

“I am still in touch with the people and I am friends with one of my ex-teachers. I also included her in my work.”


Emerson’s work has been exhibited in the UK, Philadelphia, California, Tel Aviv, Berlin, and Switzerland; and was last shown at the Liberty Gallery in London and at the Affordable Art Fair, which is held several times during the year at different places in the UK. 

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