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Mock the Week’s Andy Parsons rocks the Rose Theatre

By River Reporter May 5, 2013

The comedian tickled Kingston pink with his take on Boris Johnson, his attempts to ride a unicycle and being naked in a hotel reception.

Ollie Gillman

Andy Parsons had Kingston in stitches on Sunday night as he took his I’ve Got a Shed tour to the Rose Theatre.

The Mock the Week funnyman cast his satirical eye on politicians, and how he himself had been ask to run for office.

Ed Miliband at 14

Parsons said people who think Boris Johnson is “quintessentially British” have got it all wrong, explaining “He was born in America, has a Russian name, and looks like a Swedish man who’s eaten another Swedish man”.

Sticking to the theme of politicians, a favourite with the audience was Parson’s view of Ed Miliband.

“Ed Miliband says when he was 14 he could do a rubix cube with one hand in one minute and 20 seconds,” he said, adding, “the only questions is, what was he doing with his other hand?”

Put a sock in it

Despite the self-proclaimed missing Mitchell brother from Eastenders stuttering through a few of his punchlines, Parsons put on a great show of bouncing off the occassional heckle.

It wasn’t a bad evening for a bank holiday Sunday, and definitely worth the big finale, but I’ll put a sock in it so I don’t spoil it…

Andy is back in London in October, but you can catch him up and down the country for the rest of May. 

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