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One to watch: The Audience

By River Reporter Sep 27, 2012

Have you ever had a dilemma and after numerous sleepless nights decided you wanted to get a second opinion from a friend or family member? Try having 50 strangers help you make the decision of a lifetime.

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In this new Channel 4 documentary-style programme, 50 people from different walks of life, such as plumbers, students and even a vicar, spend a week following the dilemma-bearer until they come to a joint decision about what should be done.


So far the problem solvers have followed a man who works on a family-run farm. Despite earning little, having ambitions of his own and working hours so long his relationship is suffering, the man feels he owes it to his uncles to keep working for them. Should he carry on working on the farm out of loyalty or let his family down and follow his own dreams?

The following week the programme explores the dilemma of a young mother from West London. She was deciding whether to send her daughter to live in Devon with her father and his new family in the quest to find her a better quality of life in the countryside or keep her at home in a troubled area of London.

This new set-up makes for interesting television and you find yourself engrossed in the problems trying to help the diverse group make a decision. The show has attracted media attention as it is the first of its kind.


You can catch up on episodes at 4oD and watch new episodes every Thursday at 9pm.

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