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Review: Christina Aguilera – Your Body

By River Reporter Oct 17, 2012

The Dirrty singer is back again with the ever-so-naughty single Your Body, which is taken from her forthcoming album Lotus.

Hannah Crompton

Christina Aguilera has been a chameleon since she burst onto the music scene 13 years ago with her debut single Genie In A Bottle. Whether dressed in next-to-nothing, a sailor’s outfit or the skimpy tracksuit from the video to Can’t Hold Us Down, there is no denying that the Dirrty singer can belt out a tune and hit the high notes.

Your Body, the first single from her new album Lotus, which is out next month, is an electro-pop tune with a ‘naughty’ vibe about it – this is obvious from the lyrics. I’d like to say it’s a bit ‘safer’ than Dirrty, but if you listen carefully, Christina is singing about anonymous sex.

She wants to titillate the man she is singing to with: “So open the box, don’t need no key I’m unlocked. And I won’t tell you to stop (uh oh, yeah!)”.  If you want more, check out the music video – it’s pretty hot and not for the faint hearted.

Your ears are pounded with hard electro beats, and when combined with Xtina’s distinctive “woahs” and screams, you can’t help but find yourself turning up the volume. This edgy and risqué song will be a club-banger, especially if DJs up the tempo. Lyrics aside, Xtina is a great singer and her songs rarely fail to entertain and excite.

When I first heard Your Body it was reminiscent of the Christina that wore skin-tight leather trousers and tiny bikini tops, the Christina who was not scared to bare all (both physically and lyrically).

In her Stripped days she was belting out tunes like Beautiful, Fighter and Dirrty, it is no surprise that album peaked at number two in the UK. I am secretly hoping a bit of that Christina is back and Lotus as a whole will be as powerful and ear-tingling of an LP.

Your Body is out on November 4 and her seventh studio album Lotus is out November 12.

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