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Review: Olly Murs – Right Place, Right Time

By River Reporter Dec 6, 2012

Ida Aagenaes

After producing two platinum-selling albums my guess is that all Olly Murs wants for Christmas is for his newly released third album to be as successful. 
Online responses show his dedicated fans are loving the new songs; not a big surprise as Murs’ Right Place Right Time is all the same product, new packaging. 
The album is a 13-song –  and 17 songs on the deluxe version – long collection of generic pop lyrics and beats, appearing to have been ground through the mainstream machine. It could belong to any popular artist of the day. 
Troublemaker, featuring Flo Rida, the album’s first single, has in fact been accused of being a less intelligent version of Maroon 5’s Misery
Not only because of the lyrical and at times melodious similarities of the songs, but also because Murs’s voice has qualities comparable to that of Adam Levin’s (I apologise if this offends any Maroon 5 fans).
The album opens with a pompous orchestral intro to the up-beat Army of Two which is sure to have faithful fans doing the Olly wiggle, his trademark dance from the X Factor, and continues with a good mix of dance-friendly songs and ballads. 
Dear Darlin’ has holiday hit written all over it with its Christmassy bells chiming in the background.
If you are an Olly fan this album won’t disappoint but for anyone looking for a good new record this Christmas Right Place Right Time is not it.

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